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Dior Denim Blue Book Tote


Dior’s Book Tote needs no introduction, already one that’s known for its versatility as a daily carryall or a great work bag that will fit A4 documents and a MacBook comfortably within. Others take it up with them on the plane as a carry on for their travels, or even to a weekend staycation thanks to its roomy depth of 18 cm. Its success factor lies in the bag’s ease of use, coming with just the right handle height that allows it to be carried like a chic tote, and a size (41.5 cm by 35 cm) that works equally well for men.

Today, the Book Tote comes in different variations, from calfskin leather options in solid hues to those decorated with illustrated prints, along with a plethora of embroidered canvas designs for you to choose from. And one of the new pieces includes this all-new piece from Dior’s Winter 2019 collection that comes with the #DiorOblique canvas rendered in a denim blue finish that’s the perfect embodiment of casual elegance. Paired with a smart white top (or a Dior’s Sisterhood Is Global tee perhaps?) and a solid pair of jeans,  which is basically going to be your office’s best casual Friday ensemble.

Though it might look like a simple tote at first glance, each Book Toterequires 37 hours to craft, with over a million and half stitches to produce the intricate 3D-like embroidery. This also explains why the bag has officially earned its status as an icon of the house, sitting alongside long-time favourites like the Lady Dior and the #DiorSaddle, even though it only made its debut back in 2018. Priced at SGD4300, you will be able to find the bag available across all Dior boutiques in Singapore.