Check Out Christian Louboutin’s Fall 2014 Shoes, Including His Tallest Single-Sole Heel Ever

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[Editor's Note: We're taking the week off to enjoy the end of the summer with family and friends, and we'll be back to a normal schedule after Labor Day. In the meantime, we've got some new stuff for you, in addition to a revisit of some of our most popular posts. Below, we've adding the shopping links to many of the shoes from this collection that are now available!]

Christian Louboutin is back with even more of what his fans love for Fall 2014 – not only does the collection feature an expansion of Spring 2014′s new Apostrophe heel, but it also includes the brand’s tallest single-sole pump ever at a whopping 130mm. Louboutin heels are some of the sexiest and most recognizable heels on the market, and not just for their red soles, but also for their steep pitches.

The Christian Louboutin Allenissima Slingbacks are Louboutin’s tallest single sole heels, coming in at a staggering 130mm, or more than five inches, taller than even the vertiginous So Kate pumps, which are 120mm. Interestingly, this heel makes its debut on an open-toed slingback instead of a traditional pump; it’s possible that Louboutin is trying to make slingbacks the next big shoe trend, and I’m sure this heel will win over the hearts of loyal Louboutin owners.

The Apostrophe Heel, which debuted for Spring 2014, gets a significant expansion to new designs for fall. This heel is designed to have Louboutin’s iconic red sole spill over onto the sides of the heel, making the shoe recognizable in profile, as well as from the rear. It’s a favorite among the TalkShoes staff and sure to become one of the brand’s signature details.

Look through the gallery below to see all the shoes from the Fall 2014 collection.

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2014 Fall Louis Vuitton Backpack For Men View

Louis Vuitton

1 Louis-Vuitton-Monogram-Bag-Men-2014 1

Let us continue take a view new items for the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, and here the new Louis Vuitton Backpack for men will take a view below in different style design.

As the Ads pictures, Mens LV backpack collection looks awesome which features various forms vary, leather, and canvas and equipped with fine details, internal compartments and pockets for your laptop, iPad, and otehr personal items. No matter for traveling, work or other outdoor activites, those 2014 Louis Vuitton backpack also perfect carry. Continue Reading for more new lv bags 2014 sale for discount!

Louis-Vuitton-Backpack-Men-20141 Louis-Vuitton-Bag-Men-2014 51 Louis-Vuitton-Men-2014 31 Louis-Vuitton-Men-Collection-2014 4

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Shoe of the moment: Chanel Espadrilles | Why everyone is wearing them and get the look for less now!

Hey loves! Have you been seeing these Chanel espadrilles everywhere? Well, we have! These Chanel espadrilles at around $227 a pop have been seen all over Instagram and Pinterest making fashion bloggers want it even more. And it really doesn’t help that it has been sold out almost everywhere too. Some think that they are cool, some think they look awful despite having been made by Chanel. What do you think?

We think espadrilles in general are great for warm months and are very versatile. And the right material and combination can make a difference. Black and white espadrilles lend a classic look where as quirky, printed looks add personality to your ensemble. Leather ones give you a more classy finish.

Chanel aren’t the only ones making these espadrilles, other designer brands like Valentino and Celine have also come up with their much loved designs. If you’re on the lookout for these babies but at a lower price, we’ve seen them at Aldo, H&M and Go Jane.

Chanel CC Espadrille Flats are offered in different materials such as Leather, Mesh, Suede and Canvas. The all black leather as well as the black and white canvas are the most popular on social media.


Valentino Espadrilles

Valentino offers a wide variety of espadrilles as well. It has a rope insole, reinforced toe and a rubber outsole. The white lace one is the more popular piece amongst fashion bloggers. Image: Spotted Fashion


Celine Espadrilles

Celine’s espadrille slippers are offered in pony hair material. The most famous espadrille from Celine is the Leopard Pony style.


Musthave 2014: Espadrillles H&M. Lees hier alles over de musthave van 2014: Espadrillles H&M. Leuk, betaalbaar en fashionable. Laat je inspireren!

H&M espadrilles are pretty cool too and not to mention more affordable.

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Chanel Espadrilles: Shoes of the Summer

Designer Shoes

By now you may have noticed the growing number of Chanel Espadrilles seen in most fashion blogs and websites. Yes, those highly coveted Chanel Espadrilles are the hottest shoes of the summer season! They are mostly sold out at Chanel boutiques, Neimans, Saks, etc. with only a few pieces left here and there along with the newer version which is the perforated one. What does this summer shoe look like? Here it is…

Whos wearing Chanel Summer Espadrilles Chanel Espadrilles: Shoes of the Summer Clockwise from top left: Heidi from Damsel in Dior | Miley Cyrus (photo credit) | Jules from Sincerely Jules | Aimee from Song of Style

Of course, celebs like Miley gets in on the beloved shoes almost a year ahead. Being a celeb has its perks! But anyway, as soon as the coveted Chanel espadrilles hit the shelves, it sold out like pancakes! The red and blue, white and black, camel and black, all black, charcoal, etc… were all tastefully combined to make you want the best shoes of the season in every color! They come in like a canvas/cotton material, leather, and perforated or mesh which is the latest style released a couple of weeks ago. By now, select colors and styles are only available. And thankfully, I got myself a pair before they ran out. You already saw my Instagram post last week or so…

255641 563220493701471 483169171 n Chanel Espadrilles: Shoes of the Summer

And today, I’m giving you a close up and more details of the hottest summer shoes, the Chanel Espadrilles!

Chanel Espadrilles

Chanel Summer Espadrilles1 Chanel Espadrilles: Shoes of the Summer

Every pair of Chanel shoes come in the iconic black Chanel box – the same box they use in bags, sunglasses and jewelry! If other women would squeal to see the iconic Tiffany blue box, my version of squealing (not that I wouldn’t squeal when given a Tiffany) would be initiated by this.

Chanel Summer Espadrilles2 Chanel Espadrilles: Shoes of the Summer

So what is an espadrille?

I know most of you already know what an espadrille is, but there are some who aren’t as knowledgeable as others when it comes to shoe types and categories. Others only know sandals and closed shoes, while others only categorize shoes by flats or with heels. An espadrille can both be closed or open, and/or flat or with heels. The jute rope sole is the defining characteristic of an espadrille; the uppers vary widely in style. It is the flexible sole that is made up of rope or rubber material that makes an espadrille… take a look at the Chanel espadrille’s sole below.

Chanel Summer Espadrilles6 Chanel Espadrilles: Shoes of the Summer

And of course, the rope stitching in the sole and upper is another defining feature of the espadrille.

Chanel Summer Espadrilles7 Chanel Espadrilles: Shoes of the Summer

The natural elements used in an espadrille shoe is what makes it a perfect spring/summer shoe! Obviously! That’s why this Chanel espadrille is the hottest shoe this season!

Chanel Summer Espadrilles3 Chanel Espadrilles: Shoes of the Summer

Capped Toe

The Chanel espadrilles have a capped toe – another shoe trend that has been going on since the past Fall and Winter seasons. Capped toe shoes feature a toe partition in the shoes that usually comes in a different color to make it more visible. It looks like the shoe has a cap. Thus the name of the shoe trend – capped toe. As for my Chanel espadrilles, I’ve chosen an all black leather that’s why the capped toe isn’t as visible as the other colors that Chanel has.

Chanel Summer Espadrilles4 Chanel Espadrilles: Shoes of the Summer

Chanel Summer Espadrille Sizing

Finally, another note about this pair is that they run really small! Others got 2 sizes bigger than their usual size. As for me, I only got 1 size bigger than my usual (7). So, before you go ahead and order this pair, make sure to try on one at the store – even if they only have it in a smaller or bigger size, or even if it’s not the color you wanted – you just have to go ahead and try it on at the store to get an idea of the fit and size you need. And you better hurry before they run out completely. Try calling every Chanel boutique, Neiman’s, Saks or Bloomies you can to find the color and size you really like!

Chanel Summer Espadrilles5 Chanel Espadrilles: Shoes of the Summer

Fit and Feel

So for the footwear enthusiast, I suggest getting a pair of the most coveted shoes of the summer – the Chanel espadrilles! They are not only stylish but they are comfortable as well. I wore them out grocery shopping for hours and I’ve had the most fun wearing them. I specifically chose black so I can wear them long after summer up until Fall season! This pair is gonna be loved over and over again.


The Chanel summer espadrilles retail for $227  for the all leather which is what I have. The canvas is at $395 while the mesh is at $227. Portero is even selling the sold out white canvas for $1,000! Darn! It’s a pretty hefty price compared to the usual $50-$200 flats. I hear ya. But when you get a CHANEL, not to mention a comfy one, that will last you the whole season and more, that price is a great investment. How many $50 or $100 flats do you own? How many $200 flats do you own? If you tell me you have at least two $200 flats that you barely use, then there you go… trade that up and upgrade to a Chanel. You’re gonna wear it often and you’re not gonna be shy to take your casual flats anywhere – even to dinner or fancy establishments!

So if you like the Chanel summer espadrilles, I suggest calling now or taking a trip to your nearest Chanel boutique before it’s too late!

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The Guide to Luxury Espadrilles for Chanel, Celine and Valentino

Designer Shoes

ChanelValentino and Celine have created the most coveted pairs of flats for the summer the comfy Espadrille. Here is a quick run down of the three brands and their offerings for Spring 2014.   Information on the types of espadrilles with prices for each brand is available below.

Chanel Espadrilles

Chanel CC Espadrille Flats are offered in different materials such as Leather, Mesh, Suede and Canvas. Espadrilles from Chanel were first introduced in 2012. Chanel will be releasing two new styles for Spring 2014, the Graffiti Print Espadrilles and Camellia Espadrilles. Also seen in the Chanel Cruise 2014 Runway show, was the espadrille lace up booties. It is made of lambskin and fabric and features the CC logo on the tongue.

Chanel CC Espadrilles
Chanel Lace Up Espadrilles

Valentino Espadrilles

Valentino offers a wide variety of espadrilles as well. It has a rope insole, reinforced toe and a rubber outsole.

Valentino Espadrilles

Celine Espadrilles

Celine’s espadrille slippers are offered in pony hair material. The most famous espadrille from Celine is the Leopard Pony style.

Celine Espadrilles

And More…

Other designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Saint Laurent and Christian Louboutin offers several slip on espadrilles for the season.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s espadrilles features the iconic damier pattern in sequins. Also available is the Sunlight espadrille which has the vintage Louis Vuitton “Articles de Voyage”. The brand’s espadrilles has padded insock for comfort and it also has extra-supple rope sole.
Louis Vuitton Espadrilles

Fendi Espadrilles

Fendi slip on espadrilles features black cap toe which comes in leather and patent. It has a round toe with a pull tab in the heel counter.
Fendi Espadrilles

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent’s Micro Clous Espadrilles features silver tone studs all over. The leather espadrilles has almond toe with rubber sole and natural jute midsole. Available in black and white.
Saint Laurent Espadrilles

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin offers a variety of espadrilles. The almond toe espadrilles has the signature red sole. The satin espadrilles comes in different colors like pink, blue and black.
Christian Louboutin Espadrilles

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Dora Tote Louis Vuitton Bags For Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection

Louis Vuitton

 Dora Tote Louis Vuitton Bags

Almost all week, we are sharing 2014 Fall Winter Louis Vuitton bags collection online, and today, a new model Dora Tote LV bags will be introduce you below.

The Louis Vuitton Dora Tote is one of the many new styles from Nicolas Ghesquiere’s debut collection for the Fall Winter Season 2014. There are many of bright and colorful color design in PM and MM size. Three different materials made them in a classic view.

As the pics show, we know the newest LV Dora Tote bag features a large roomy interior with a double zipper that runs along the length of the bag. A LV Paris logo heat stamped in silver on the front of the bag, two large roomy pockets on the interior and has a microfiber lining. Take a view and visit for more new lv bags sale!

1 Dora Tote Louis Vuitton Bags size Dora Tote Louis Vuitton Bags For Fall Winter 2014

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