Prada is the Latest Brand to Court the Affections of Cat Ladies

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Prada Mink Fur Cat Pochette

Prada’s handbags tend to be overwhelmingly staid; the brand has positioned itself, season after season, as the source for work-appropriate power bags for women with corner offices (or corner office aspirations), and although Miuccia allows for an artistic departure here and there, whimsy is usually not her stock in trade. With that in mind, I have no explanation for the Prada Mink Fur Cat Pochette.

Kitschy, literal bags are a huge trend right now (as is weirdness in general, and as are cats), and Prada will bow to pretty much any accessories trend that becomes strong enough, even if it isn’t totally on brand. (Gotta sell bags, after all.) This cat’s jeweled eyes and nose relate the clutch back to Prada’s visual signatures for accessories, but other than that, it just doesn’t feel like much of a Prada bag; if you had told me it was Charlotte Olympia, I’d have believed you without question, and that’s a brand with which Prada’s general aesthetic just doesn’t overlap. That’s not necessarily a complaint–the bag is super cute.

Prada’s previous ventures into literalness that haven’t been either purely artistic or plainly political have generally involved very small accessories, like teddy bear bag charms. As much as I love Prada’s general handbag aesthetic, it’s never bad to see a brand have a little bit of fun. Apparently, I’m not alone in this approval – the bag sold out at Bergdorf Goodman in a matter of days. 

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Instagram Shoe Celebrity: @juliet1313


This week on Instagram, we discovered a shoe collection that nearly left us breathless. It included seemingly endless amounts of Louboutins with sprinkles of Chanel, not to mention more than a few Valentino Rockstuds and Manolo Blahniks. It was a happy accident that we stumbled upon the collection of this week’s Instagram Shoe Celebrity, @juliet1313.

Juliet (which I’m assuming is her name, given her handle), appears to live somewhere in California, and date Italian chef Fabio Viviani (who appeared on Bravo’s Top Chef Season 5). By the look of her collection, it’s pretty apparent she loves her Chanel and Hermès accessories, both bags and shoes!

We picked out some of our favorite shoes from her collection, but there is PLENTY more where that came from. Make the jump below to see our picks, or head straight to her page to see shoes, bags and more!

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Sugary Shades to Get You Ready For Fall

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Chloe Ankle Boots

Along with transitional cutout bootie, we’re transitioning into fall a bit differently this season. Instead of opting for dark, autumnal tones right away, we will ease ourselves into the warmer color palette by wearing soft shades. Nude and blush shoes are great transitioning colors to slowly take us from the summer brights we’ve been wearing these last few weeks to the warm hues that will be ubiquitous soon. I guess you could say we are looking at the sugary side of things. Check out our ten favorites below!

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Mark Your Calendars for the Altuzarra for Target Collection

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Fetaure Image

Following in footsteps of Phillip LimJason Wu and Prabal Gurung, in a couple of weeks Joseph Altuzarra will be added to the list of designers collaborating with Target for exclusive collections. The Altuzarra for Target collection will feature both ready-to-wear and accessories ranging from $18 to $90, including three shoe styles.

Thigh-high boots, ankle strap pumps, and ankle booties are what you’ll find in this collection, and when a designer name is paired with a great price, that’s certainly worth checking out.

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Chloe Grace Moretz is the Latest Celeb With the Chanel Graffiti Backpack

Chloe Grace Moretz Chanel Graffiti Backpack

Here’s actress Chloe Grace Moretz, leaving her hotel in NYC at 5 a.m., carrying a Chanel Graffiti Backpack. We suspect Chloe’s heading toward the airport–she’s been in town for a few days doing press for her new flick If I Stay. The Chanel Graffiti Backpack looks far more appropriate on Chloe than most celebs, because…well, because she’s actually a teenager. A teenager with extremely high-end taste (here she is carrying a Chanel Mini Classic Flap to her Sweet 16 b-day party), but a teenager, nonetheless.

The Chanel Graffiti Backpack is definitely a celeb fave for air travel. We saw several stars toting it in LAX when we investigated the airport’s finest handbags. This backpack has been around for several months now, so do you feel you’re warming up to it, or will the graffiti backpack trend always be a bit of a stretch for actual adults?

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Want It Wednesday: Mini Bags Aren’t Just for Summer

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Want It Wednesday Mini Bags

Mini bags are most often associated with warm weather; after all, who doesn’t want her hands free during the season’s outdoor activities? They’re just as useful during the fall, though, especially when coat weather comes around and regular shoulder bags compete with your outerwear for shoulder real estate. Now that basically every popular bag comes in a mini size, along with all the bags that were designed to be mini from the beginning, your choices are vast no matter the season. For this edition of Want It Wednesday, the team has enumerated its favorites below.

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