15 Adorable Off-the-Shoulder Tops for Summer 2016

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Off-the-shoulder tops are a cute and unique way of adding some dimension to your summer 2016 wardrobe. You get the combined benefits of tank tops and short sleeve shirts, in many cases, which makes them airy and romantic. Many renditions of off-the-shoulder tops turn out to be bohemian, which is a great and constant style, so you can’t miss out on this trend. There’s no better way to beat the heat while staying cute and having versatile options in your closet than wearing these stylish shirts, so here is a list of 15 adorable summer 2016 off-the-shoulder blouses that will jumpstart your closet.

Summer 2016 Off-the-Shoulder Tops

1. Broderie Anglaise Off-the-Shoulder Top

This shirt from Net-a-Porter has lovely bohemian connotations, with its shoulders falling rather far down the arms and its cropped overall length. This off-the-shoulder blouse would look right at home with your favorite pair of brown leather sandals, especially with its delicate detailing.

Summer 2016 Off-the-Shoulder Tops Shopping Guide

2. Striped Tie-Front Off-the-Shoulder Top

With a vaguely nautical styling, this faded blue and white off-the-shoulder blouse from River Island features decorative buttons down the front, which lead to a tie at the waistline. Its cropped sleeves and tied-off waist give a more voluminous silhouette, while simultaneously enhancing your figure.

Summer 2016 Off-the-Shoulder Tops Shopping Guide

3. Button-Up Off-the-Shoulder Top

This black top is reminiscent of a classic peasant top, with its ruffled hems, closures up the front, and overall classic design. With its cropped length, non-cinched hem, and small, slitted sleeves on this cute off-the-shoulder top, you’ll be staying cool and looking hot this summer. Buy itfrom Nasty Gal!

Summer 2016 Off-the-Shoulder Tops Shopping Guide

4. Silk, Watercolor Off-the-Shoulder Top

For a summer 2016 off-the-shoulder top, this georgette garment is created in a beautiful way. Its watercolors on the silk of the top paired with the dip-dyed tassels at the front is a beautiful way to stay cool this summer, and its longer length lets the fabric flow down the body in a nearly fluid manner. You can find this Chloe top at Farfetch.

Summer 2016 Off-the-Shoulder Tops Shopping Guide

5. Cinched Neckline Off-the-Shoulder Top

This off-the-shoulder top from Shopbop has elastic at the neckline to keep things nice and cinched off for you. Made of a stiffer cotton, you get the airiness from the loose silhouette, but without the worry of any unplanned wardrobe malfunctions. Plus, the lace details add a nice finishing touch to the edges.

Summer 2016 Off-the-Shoulder Tops Shopping Guide

6. Straight and Scalloped Off-the-Shoulder Top

The light fabric used for this white off-the-shoulder blouse is fashioned in a straight, slightly boxy fashion, with a single ruffle acting as the neckline. Finishing things off with a cute tie at the top center and some delicate broderie anglaise at the scalloped hem, this Net-a-Porter topis simple and adorable.

Summer 2016 Off-the-Shoulder Tops Shopping Guide

7. Cinched and Cropped Off-the-Shoulder Top

This take on the off-the-shoulder top from Moda Operandi has a very old-style approach. With classically elegant lace at the neckline and sleeve in off-white playing against the stark white body, the colors play well against one another, and the cropped silhouette makes it the perfect match with a high-waist bohemian skirt.

Summer 2016 Off-the-Shoulder Tops Shopping Guide

8. Girly Ruffle Off-the-Shoulder Top

This off-the-shoulder blouse from ASOS is feminine due to its striped colors and simplicity. The way it falls and shows movement in a still shot promises a great amount of movement and fluidity for the wearer; the cropped length is very short, so be prepared for that on particularly breezy days!

Summer 2016 Off-the-Shoulder Tops Shopping Guide

9. Jarring Yellow Off-the-Shoulder Eyelet Top

Coming up with a trending ’70s style on top of the trending off-the-shoulder style, Nasty Gal’s eyelet top is bringing forward some of today’s best fashion aspects in one garment. Being cropped, eyelet-detailed, and colorful, this top is the perfect casual piece to be worn with your favorite denim bottoms.

Summer 2016 Off-the-Shoulder Tops Shopping Guide

10. Sexy Silk Off-the-Shoulder Top

This summer 2016 off-the-shoulder top is inherently sensual, from its silky fabric to the way it hangs on the body. It seems nearly every part is sexy, with a sudden plunge V in the center covered only by a tie and its sleeves that pool around the wrists beginning from the elbows almost as if sliding down what was once a more demure top. Buy it from REVOLVE!

Summer 2016 Off-the-Shoulder Tops Shopping Guide

11. Cropped Popcorn Off-the-Shoulder Top

You remember the brief popcorn shirt trend of the ’90s-early ’00s? ThisFree People off-the-shoulder blouse mixes that with some ’70s flair for an actually interesting and stylish modern rendition. It pulls away into the dainty side of ’70s fashion with bell cuffs trimmed with a light lace for a perfect summer look.

Summer 2016 Off-the-Shoulder Tops Shopping Guide

12. Beachy Striped Off-the-Shoulder Top

Urban Outfitters’ cute off-the-shoulder blouse takes us back to a vintage beach scene, with a very muted khaki striped with white. It has a neckline ruffle, it’s cropped, and it has a loose fit, which are three things that make for a lovely summer 2016 off-the-shoulder top. It’ll be fun to pair this with your favorite summery accessories.

Summer 2016 Off-the-Shoulder Tops Shopping Guide

13. Vintage Cropped Off-the-Shoulder Top

This Alexander McQueen rendition of an off-the-shoulder blouse is styled like a classic, rather medieval peasant blouse. By adding in the cute eyelet details at the cuffs and hem, the tie at the neckline’s center, and the small dual buttons, it is made just modern enough to look amazing paired with a high-waist skirt. Buy it from Farfetch!

Summer 2016 Off-the-Shoulder Tops Shopping Guide

14. Flouncy Striped Off-the-Shoulder Top

From BooHoo comes this slightly nautically striped navy and white top. The flounce comes in from the voluminous ruffles that make up the hem and cuffs of the off-the-shoulder top, which creates an overall loose and large silhouette. This aspect makes it particularly stylish when paired with a slim pant.

Summer 2016 Off-the-Shoulder Tops Shopping Guide

15. Semi-Sheer Off-the-Shoulder Top

This is a simple iteration of the hottest summer 2016 off-the-shoulder tops, with not many elements or general structure to the garment. The scalloped hem flares slightly in a darling way, and the geometric lace all around is semi-sheer, becoming particularly so at the sleeves. All finished off with a ruffled-over neckline. Buy this top from ASOS!

Summer 2016 Off-the-Shoulder Tops Shopping Guide

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