Same Color of Clothes Will Be Good-Matched.


Influenced by the vintage trend,the same color of the clothes can match the floral patterns or contrast color bags.But the color of the upper outer garment should be in the same color.This is a skill of matching clothes.Wearing the same color of trousers and jackets makes you look more energetic.People say that the color black has been always popular in fashion,and gray sometimes will expose kind of senior.Of course, cheap Chanel handbags are also very important in matching clothes along with backpacks.

At school, we can see students carry different kinds of handbags here and there.In 2014 Spring-Summer T fashion show,the most famous fashion brands are released their newest backpacks which have the new style appearance and printing.Chanel uses the Graffiti and old colors to show the style of the street fashion.These graffiti backpacks are fashionable and boyish.The London brand,Ostwald Helgason uses the leather to design the concise backpack out of the thought of exquisite girls.In this season,these backpacks are made of leather with mature sense,printing with multiple patterns and creative animal patterns to avoid the traditional backpacks which look like students backpacks.You cannot ignore the importance of carrying a backpack at your back.Today, there are many ways to carry a backpack such as single shoulder backpack and tote backpack,which gives the backpacks another kind of fashion.

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