Your Ultimate Guide to Fighting Zits

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Pimples have a tendency to show up when they’re least wanted, though we can’t think of a time we actually want those pesky things mottling up our perfect skins (okay, it may not be perfect, but we try to get it close enough)! We use more and more products and DIY skin treatments to clear them out and hope they will not decide to protrude out of our foreheads on our wedding day! That would be terrible to say the least!

There are many guides to getting rid of those terrible zits, no matter which abominable place they decide to pop up from. They rather like the forehead, but sometimes even invade the ear. Back facials have become quite common since they certainly love appearing on our backs as well, spanning down until our waists.

Your Ultimate Guide to Fighting Zits

You should be careful with the products you decide to use though as not all acne should be treated the same way. Where the acne appears on the body defines how we should be getting rid of it.

• For the acne appearing on your forehead, you will see anything from blackheads to red angry bumps to pustules or larger nodules. Mostly it’s moderate types of acne you have to work with since the glands are clogged but still seem to produce oil. Retinoids are the best bet to use in this case instead of aggressively scrubbing at the problem areas in the shower.

• Pimples on the nose are some of the hardest to get rid of because that’s where the large oil glands are at their densest and tend to inflame easily. Retinoids used twice a day should do the trick and the ingredients you want in the products are Rx. Doxycycline and tetracycline. A doctor should always take a look at the problem area before giving you a medicated subscription, however.

• Hormones and genetics are the cause of pimples on your chin and they will drive you bonkers whether you like it or not. They are not very receptive to oral contraceptives either that would normally help clear up the acne. Retinoids and gentle cleansers are your safest bet and will clear out those zits in no time. You should keep on using those afterwards as well though. It will help keep your skin clean and clear and under control.

• Popping up without a reason to do so, pimples on ears are also pretty common and they just like to turn your life upside down a little. Topical treatments are your best bet here and retinoids are where you should be heading.

• You will end up finding zits on your back and chest, particularly when you have long hair and the oil on the tendrils ends up clogging up the pores. Topical treatments aren’t always the best and might also bleach your clothing while at it. Antibiotics will probably work best, particularly Accutane, but there are side effects to consider and a doctor should be consulted with. Personal experience has shown going for back facials, cutting hair short or constantly keeping it up and away from your skin works like magic as well. A body wash with salicyclic acid may help clear things up as well and always wash yourself after sweating. This will help keep your pores clean of any clogging.

• Butt acne is not typical acne but mostly caused by protein keratin clogging fair follicles. It is certainly not so easy to treat but glycolic and lactic acids may help. Unfortunately you will have to bear with it as there is little else you can do at the moment with today`s products available. Personal experience has shown that the bumps will go away after a time but may be rather uncomfortable to sit on if it`s not higher up on the buttocks.

There are some easy ways to get rid of those pesky pimples as well, particularly by reducing the inflammation on the skin. These include:

1. Using an aspirin mark: Yes, it really works! What you have to do is crush an aspirin and add a drop of water. This creates a paste that you can then spread over the problem areas.

2. Use a turmeric mask: Turmeric powder mixed with a bit of almond oil and a few drops of whole milk creates a great mask that will help soothe the skin and get rid of those pimples. Do it once a week and your skin will feel so smooth!

3. Cystic bumps also exist so a dermatologist might recommend getting an injection of steroids to help calm the redness immediately and heal the region.

4. Cleansing pads are great to use after a workout especially so that you’re wiping away the dirt, the sweat and the bacteria from your face and preventing our pores from clogging.

5. Sonic cleansers are pricy but they do offer an interesting and calming option, cleaning deeply into the pores. Using it every other day is safe and keeps the skin smooth and clear.

6. Acne clearing scrubs are great to use on a regular basis to prevent the pores from clogging and keep the skin clear of unwanted dirt and oils.

There are also some homemade remedies against acne that have not been tested but that just might do the trick if you do not want to be using products from the drugstore. We cannot say these will work, but anything natural, other than coconut oil, which ends up just clogging the skin instead of clearing it, is worth a try.

• Ice can be used on pimples to get rid of them quickly by soothing inflammation and improving blood circulation. You just need to grab a cube or some crushed ice in a piece of cloth and hold it over the affected problem areas for a few seconds. Repeat the process every few minutes and it should react as you hoped.

• Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and can most definitely help dry out the pimples faster. Of course, you want it to be fresh lemons and not store-bought lemon juice. A swab dipped in the juice should work handsomely.

• Garlic is great for everything but you may be loath to use it on your skin. If you are not so particular about the smell, cut a fresh garlic clove in two and rub on the pimples. It’s an old wives’ tale that should help out.

There are many anti-acne treatment options available out there. If you opt for products, or even wish to use natural ingredients, do ask a dermatologist before you embark on the journey. Coconut oil and toothpaste may not help, but there are certain options that will.

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