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We’ve seen a lot of Chanel handbags decorated with pearls. These bags are obsessive and addictive like the Westminster Flap Bag. And we can’t get enough of it.

But what we haven’t seen so far, is pearls on Espadrilles. When Chanel mixes these two together, how irresistible do you think they become? Let’s find out.

Espadrilles are so popular that they get sold-out as quickly as they come in. For the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection, Chanel releases pearl-designed Espadrilles that will melt your heart away. The pearls are put on the front, exactly where the CC logo are usually placed. The CC pearls are made in medium sizes and will be noticeable wherever you carry them. For the finishing, Chanel has put smaller pearls all around the shoe.

For the pearl edition, these shoes are made in soft leather like velvet. They come in classic colors like beige with black toe or full black. And you can also find them in other shades like denim.

Pearl Espadrilles don’t come very often; they’re available for this season and might not return for a while. So make sure you grab a pair.

For the pricing details please go to Chanel Espadrilles for Pre-Fall 2017 Collection.




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Dior Embellished Espadrilles for Spring 2015

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Dior has finally released their own version of espadrilles. Similar to the Fusion Sneakers that first came out in Dior’s Spring/Summer 2014 Haute Couture Collection, the espadrilles are embellished in colourful sequins and beads. The espadrilles are made of satin canvas and comes in various colors like Pink, Fuchsia and Black. It is expected to be available in stores this coming March and will retail for $770 (USD) and €590.

Dior Espadrilles for Spring 2015

Dior Black/Pink Embellished Espadrilles

Dior Pink/Fuchsia Embellished Espadrilles

Dior Pink/Fuchsia/Black Embellished Espadrilles

Dior Black/Fuchsia/Pink Embellished Espadrilles

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Loewe Espadrilles Collection

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Here’s another summer option to slide in your feet. Besides sandals and slippers, you could choose for Loewe Espadrilles shoes, they are as comfortable as a pair of sneakers from Nike, walk-able and fashionable thanks to their beautiful project: ‘Best Hands of Spain’, which is all about crafting modern footwear while keeping their finest Spanish traditions alive, the craftmanship.

Featuring splashes of colors from the top to the sole and all the way to the interior. These beautiful Espadrilles have been created in collaboration with the best atelier in Spain, the details are the proof. Combined with two emblematic materials; Loewe’s napa and esparto and for those who love luxury, these shoes are partly handcrafted. At Loewe e-store for €295.






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Here is a look I wore on the last day of the rewardStyle Conference in Dallas. I dressed down this dressy Cameo off the shoulder top with a pair of distressed denim shorts. I was still going to keep it casual chic by wearing my newest Giuseppe Zanotti heels but ended up going super casual with my Chanel espadrilles instead. song_of_style_off_the_shoulder_top_distressed_shorts_embellished_clutchsong_of_style_chanel_espadrilles_ripped_denim_shorts
I kind of wish I wore my heels instead, since I think they really finish the look, but really, comfort is key. Definitely going to wear this top again and style it completely different!song_of_style_ripped_denim_shorts_embellished_bag

I’m so in love with my newest bag from Simone Camille. It’s all of the different fabrics and embellishments that make this bag so perfect and unique. I’ve been literally carrying this bag nonstop since the day I got it!song_of_style_ombre_hair_embellished_clutchsong_of_style_rosegold_tiffany_atlas_cartier_vita_fede_bracelets

One of my tips on finding the perfect pair of slouchy denim shorts, is to go up a size or two! These Res denim shorts actually belong to my sister Dani (hi dani!) who is a size or two bigger than I am (she’s taller and has a bigger butt!) so they are slightly baggy on me which make them perfect for a super casual look.song_of_style_wildfox_sunglasses

These Wildfox Kitten sunglasses are another favorite of mine as of late. I love the subtle cat eye shape on them.song_of_style_off_the_shoulder_top_distressed_denim_shorts_chanel_espadrilles

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Chanel Espadrilles | Buy Chanel Shoes Online

One Chanel is very cute and chic as well as could make each female feel immediately girly. If people are searching for one shoe to fit greatly with one pair of longs or one short sundress, one Chanel Shoes actually is what people require to put on.People will achieve one sexy, sultry appeal while you're putting on one pair of those lovely and cute Chanel Espadrilles sandals, and what female really does notdesire to want one sexy lady? This Chanel Shoes actually is one metallic shoes with one oversized buckle which actually presents Chanel Espadrille quite many attitudes. Those 4' wedge Chanel Shoes will present person's legs one instant long and is going to really make one edge to their looks. Whateverpeople determine to match Chanel Espadrilles up with, you'll look gorgeous in those lovely sandals. They're cute and funky, and provide quite one attracive look to people'swardrobe.


For one really sleek, never wearing out of fashion sandal, you are going to require to step toes into the Chanel Flats. Those strappy leather Chanel Espadrille have one ankle strap along with a rubber sole and silver buckle. Chanel Espadrilles are the greatest summer shoes to put on with only of anything you own in your private closet. You could put on those with one work suitable blouse as well as look really professional, however you could put on those gather with one fancy dress as well as make your looking really feminine.This Chanel Shoes has one adorably ideal great bow on top which causesthose shoes to emit of femininity. This contrast stitching provides one clean, sharplook as well as the 4 ' high heel is going to actually make people feel super sexy and tall as well as nice. Those Chanel Flats provide a lot of personality, which people could put on the easiest outfit as well as also really excellent while people allow Chanel Espadrille to do this talking.


If people desire one comfortable, lightweight flat Chanel Sneakers that theycould put on in much warmer times, they need the Easy Spirit Chanel Espadrilles. Those vivid little fun are manufactured out of one canvas in order that they'll accord with your feet ideally and is also make them to easily breathe. Those Chanel Shoes provide fundemantally comfort as well as cushion with gel insoles which could be increased while required. If people like one closed toe gather with one high heel, this Chanel Espadrilles are ideal. These're lightweight and nice.Thus,Chanel Shoes will not drag people down.This sailcloth upper is going to maintain people's feet covered however iscomfortable and dry. No matter when people require one chic, comfort and very classic shoe, these're only the ones which is going to work ideally for people!


One Chanel nike Shoes are one wonderful shoe to put onwhile people desire to one one chic and fun look, but require to be cozy. They're the perfect, fun and cute beach footwear. People could put on one pair of Chanel Boots with bathing suit.Wherever or howeverpeople determine to put on those Chanel Boots, you'll like the method in which they let us feel as well as their way that they maintain your feet comfortable.

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Chanel Shoes Outlet | Buy Cheap Chanel Espadrilles Online With Fast Delivery

It's become increasingly difficult to justify most Chanel items since their crazy inflation began to resemble the hyperinflation of Zimbabwe in 2008. Bags have almost doubled in price since 2009 and shoes that used to seem expensive at $500 are now priced closer to $1000.

So when Chanel introduces a functional shoe under $400 you have to believe that women are going to clamor. The Chanel cotton espadrille was introduced last summer at the agreeable price point of $395. This season, the brand has extended the popular and functionable shoe lineup with the addition of a leather tip and a mesh body. The mesh body style is still a realistic $450. Problem is, they are mostly all sold out.

Chanel boutiques across the country have no cotton canvas styles in their inventory and the mesh version is almost completely gone too. Most shoppers have turned to eBay where sellers have jacked up the price of these popular shoes to close to $700.

If you're on the hunt, we suggest calling high-end independant boutiques or finding a department store sales person who is willing to put in the time to search through national inventories. We suggest Nordstrom or Saks. Other than that, we wish you good luck!!!

Chanel,as the popular fashion brand, has win large number of girls' heart.And Chanel Espadrilles are certainly play great role in women daily outfit. Chanel Espadrilles with their finish convenience and the capability to fit any sorts of outfits usually are easily transforming into a most liked involving running shoe addicts many throughout the world. Most of these Chanel Shoes include capability to balance out extremely decorative or maybe some unattractive apparel because of their uncomplicated in addition to excited colorings.

Each incredibly major variables in a vogue usually are ease in addition to convenience. This boots you have on is usually of no use in the event the item reasons pointless issues or maybe inflammation, regardless the way trendy or maybe the way magnificent some sort of attire or maybe a couple shoes and boots appears to be done to you. Chanel Outlet Espadrilles usually are style of boots which often features significant attributes that you hunt for that is certainly ease in addition to convenience letting this consumer to help think hassle-free in addition to up-to-the-minute while doing so. Chanel Espadrilles tend to be manufactured in Chanel Flats because of their bottoms intended to appear like some sort of string. This material for this bottoms is frequently rubber or maybe string. The upper portion commonly covers silk cotton stuff or maybe canvas material for making you sense at ease in addition to comfortable. The leading quality these Chanel Shoes is this jute string singular which enables these individuals by far the most one of a kind style of boots. Utilized commonly over the year summer seasonn they've already come to be extremely shown admiration for in addition to visible involving all people throughout the globe.

Whether almost any custom made model or maybe another uncomplicated wide variety, as well as thought to be safely and securely to imagine that any of us produce your possibilities trying to keep many important factors as the primary goal. A variety of them make up model, convenience in addition to budget in addition to most of these Chanel Shoes from Chanel Shoes Outlet online store include things like the many mentioned attributes. This lavish matter is usually the particular shoes and boots head out wonderfully with all your appears to be as well as connected with what exactly coloration or maybe style of apparel that you are using. Considering include decide to have on anything with simply or maybe anything incredibly decorative having many types or maybe behaviour most of these Chanel Women Shoes including Chanel sneakers and boots the will work ones style many the legal making you glimpse rather trendy in addition to sweet. Chanel Espadrilles for young people are available largely with simple colours that's why there're incredibly productive in the event had having from any of the shiny hued outfits you could possibly include with your clothing collection. From the summers most people choose to have on apparel which might be light-weight, trendy or maybe shiny with coloration so Chanel Espadrilles with Chanel Shoes Online Sales is usually considered some sort of one which will offer you this well-situated sort of boots on your summer season.

By far the most critical factor with reference to vogue is usually of which it ought to be very well synchronized in addition to just about every piece we have now with you have to go along with additional solely subsequently most of us is able to produce your have an effect on that hugely vogue using contemporary society. Claim one example is you cherish using a couple sleek healthy trousers next the narrowing underside is usually contrasted and as such synchronized having a couple espadrilles. Also you can combine decrease your best some unattractive tee shirt by means of slippage with a couple most of these superb. Women Chanel Espadrilles online because of their inborn ease in addition to straightforwardness have grown the reason most of these shoes and boots have grown some sort of almost all most liked from the running shoe cabinets of people many across the world.

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