Peta Asia rattles consumers to their bones with bleeding leather goods

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We have spoken about this repeatedly. They have spoken about this repeatedly. But people don’t get the idea, the people in the fashion business. Of all the materials they can use and promote trends and style, why at the rate of killing innocent, helpless creatures? That is what we ask, and that is what they ask. Peta, in association with ad giants Ogilvy & Mather came up with a campaign video that would leave any shopper in a state of shock for a long while. Peta Asia and O&M Bangkok created a fake pop-up store in one of the most popular malls in Bangkok. The Leather Work store had on display several leather products. Shoppers who strolled in to check out where set up to a distasteful and scary treat when they opened these bags.

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The video, called “Behind the Leather” showed how shoppers opened the bags to see hearts beating, a jacket that opens to strings of vein covered in fluid and blood, as well as blood on the hands on a shopper who tried on a pair of gloves, and another who tried on shoes. This was a play on the cruelty on crocodiles and snakes to produce fashion statements.
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This was extreme, and quite harsh, but the message is loud and clear – boycott leather.
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Chanel Soft Leather 2.55 Collection

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You should have already read the first post on Chanel’s Soft Leather 2.55 collection, an icon in its own right that quite literally has been given new skin. And the skin in this case refers to the ‘soft leather’ you’ll find on these 2.55 bags that should be launched sometime in Singapore come June 2016.

Why is this leather so special then, you ask? Well, for starters, it’s cut only from a certain portion of the entire skin, where it’s the softest and also has the fewest imperfections for that almost flawless finish. It’s also lightly-treated, meaning when it came to treating and tanning the leather, not that much was done, which would allow the leather to patina most beautifully over time. Or in layman’s terms, age.

So unlike leather that has been botoxed and varnished to a hilt (you know, like the ladies you see when you flip through society magazines), this leather, like the real you, is supposed to age over time, and take on characteristics unique to its owner, from tiny nicks where your pinky’s nail digs into the side of the bag, to minor creases that resemble the crow’s feet on your face. Ok, maybe not the best way to sell any leather bag, but you know what I mean, and if you’re big on that whole aged, vintage look, rest assured that this will happen slowly but surely with this 2.55.


And because I managed to spend quality time with these beauties over the weekend, here’s the rest of what you need to know about these 2.55 bags. For starters, one of the versions we’ll get in Singapore will come with a two-tone grosgrain and chain trim that will run along from underside to the sides of the bag. Then there’s the metal chain sling, which, if you look closely enough, comes beautifully-etched on the sides of the metal pieces. The cameo charms that come with each bag? One’s of Coco Chanel herself, the other is a lion, which also happens to be the Coco Chanel’s zodiac sign, the Leo.


Then there’s the inside, each 2.55 double-flap bag lined with tactile suede, where you’ll find a front pocket and a larger compartment on the back with 3 separate patch pocket compartments. A flap with button closure keeps everything secure, before the main flap goes over everything else for that added bit of ‘security’. To finish it off, Chanel’s reassuring Made In France label is sewn below the CC logo that’s stitched onto the flap.


Last, but by no means least, there’s an additional patch pocket on the back of the bag, but I guess you already knew that. What you don’t know is the two colours it will come in when it is launched sometime in June this year, the first, a Navy that you see in the first snap, and this, which is a warmer, slightly darker colour they are calling Camel. Both colours are gorgeous, you just need to decide when you see the 24 cm by 16 cm by 7.5 cm bags (priced at SGD7280 each, by the way) in Chanel boutiques in a couple of months.

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Roger Vivier Small Pilgrim De Jour Leather Bag

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Roger Vivier Small Pilgrim De Jour Leather Bag

I have to say, I’m not a big fan of the giant pilgrim buckle that’s a recurring trademark from Roger Vivier, especially when it’s featured on their shoes, but there’s almost always an exception to the rule. This tote totally works.

It’s not just a gratuitous detail. This big rectangular buckle is part of the closure (the tab glides through it and keeps the bag neat and tidy), so it serves a legitimate purpose. The unusual shape of this top-handle tote also throws off what would normally have a stodgy, boxy feel. I don’t even know what to call this shape; I guess it’s slightly trapezoidal? I’m no geometry expert, but no matter. What’s so great about this is the fact that it’s instantly intriguing to the eye. Pebbled black leather always works, but it’s deep orange, the perfect rich hue without being too glaring, that’s so pretty for fall. Looks like we’d better buckle up. Roger Vivier Small Pilgrim De Jour .

Wear with: No pilgrim shoes, please! Instead, invest in a pair of suede over-the-knee boots you can wear everywhere, like these by Saint Laurent. 

Roger Vivier Small Pilgrim De Jour Leather Bag

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Louis Vuitton


Here’s an update ladies.

When Louis Vuitton introduced the Babylone Bag, we were like: ‘yeah, it’s alright’. If you can’t remember the original bag, let us freshen your mind.


It’s minimalistic with the LV logo on the right end. The handles are made from python, the shape is topnotch too.

So what has been changed, you ask!

Well besides the shape, everything!

This is the updated version of the Mahina Calfskin. The intricate perforation work is more refined than ever – featuring modern lines, sophisticated details braided handle, contrast-edge dyeing and the flashy colors that makes the bag a pleasure to carry.

The print is like the Monogram Canvas – with stunning symbols all over the bag. And if you observe even closer, the prints are made dotted. To make the overall appearance fit, it comes with a removable braided and elbow handle. And it also comes with a shoulder strap.

You will adore the interior too, besides that it is spacious, you will also find 2 smartphone pockets and an inside large zipped pockets.

Made from Veau Racine calfskin leather, measuring 10.6’ x 12.6’ x 6.7’ inches, priced at $4100 USD and €3000 euro, via Louis Vuitton boutique.






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Day 3: The Hermès Birkin is one of the most coveted handbags of all time. You can always go to the store and try your luck to get the Birkin of your dreams, but now there are so many reputable options when it comes to the resale market. This bag is labeled as Bubblegum Pink and looks to be in good shape. The price tag is hefty, but if it's the color you want, here she is.

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Alexander McQueen is giving us lots of reasons to look forward to their designs this season with their line of Padlock Bags! We are totally swooning over their edgy pieces (the bling these babies are totally worth every pretty penny!).


Alexander McQueen Mini Leather Padlock Bag in Black
Size: 16cm x 20cm x 12cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1,345 USD or €845 EUR via Luisa Via Roma




Alexander McQueen Mini Leather Padlock Bag in Pink
Size: 16cm x 21cm x 12cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1,295 USD or €845 EUR via Luisa Via Roma


Alexander McQueen Studded Mini Leather Padlock Bag in Black
Size: 16cm x 21cm x 12cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1,565 USD or €995 EUR via Luisa Via Roma


Alexander McQueen Mini Eyelets Mini Leather Padlock Bag in Black
Size: 16cm x 21cm x 12cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1,565 USD or €1,095 EUR via Luisa Via Roma


Alexander McQueen Medium Padlock Bag in Blue
Size: 21.6cm x 30.5cm x 17.8cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1,038 USD or €965 EUR via Matches Fashion


Alexander McQueen Mini Leather Padlock Bag in Hot Pink
Size: 16cm x 21cm x 12cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1,345 USD or €845 EUR


Alexander McQueen Mini Leather Padlock Bag with Python Detail in Black
Size: 15cm x 21cm x 10cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1,395 USD or €895 EUR


Alexander McQueen Mini Leather Padlock Bag in Silver
Size: 15cm x 21cm x 12cm (H x W x D)
Price: $2,395 USD or €1,495 EUR


Alexander McQueen Padlock Bag with Pocket in Black/Nude
Size: 17cm x 21cm x 12cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1,795 USD or €1,195 EUR


Alexander McQueen Mini Leather Padlock Bag in Fuschia
Size: 16cm x 21cm x 12cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1,345 USD or €845 EUR

These pieces come with a detachable, adjustable leather shoulder strap, double top handles and a top zip closure that’s bound to keep all of your personal effects intact. They even come with a cute metal skull charm and is loaded with lots of pockets, giving you more than enough space. Alexander McQueen has made it possible!

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