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These Gorgeous Handbags Are a Minimalist’s Dream

I’m a self-proclaimed lover of logos and monograms, but I have recently been admiring minimalistic handbags. I don’t see my love of logos or monograms going away any time soon, but I do feel that I should invest in a few high quality, tasteful, simple bags. I’m such a sucker for ornate details, but I find the lack of ornateness to be a detail all of its own. There is something beautiful and special about a bag that is only memorable and covetable because of the quality of the materials and the design of the bag, rather than a blingy hardware closure or giant monogram printed across the front. A minimalistic bag transcends the rules of fashion and time, making it truly worth spending some cash on a good quality design that will last you for years to come.

I recently wore a green dress that was printed with multicolored flowers and metallic gold polka dots (it sounds like a lot, but trust me on this one). I had the hardest time selecting a handbag to wear with my dress, as most of my bags incorporate a bold pattern or logo into the design. I love mixing prints, patterns, and textures, but my dress was going to look way too busy and cluttered with a monogrammed handbag. While I clumsily combed through my handbag collection and became increasingly flustered in the confines of my walk-in closet, I had the revelation that I really need to invest in an understated and elegant bag ASAP.

Whether you are addicted to logos or believe that simpler designs are always better, I’m confident that you’ll love the bags I’ve picked below! They are each classic, tasteful, and chic. I honestly feel spoiled with so many options and I’m not sure which one I should buy first.

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The Row Top Handle 14 Bag($2,950)


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Saint Laurent Carre Calfskin Shoulder Bag($1,890)


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Mulberry Heritage Bayswater Bag($1,522)


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AllSaints Captain North South Leather Tote($378)


5 / 9

Valextra Soft Leather Tote Bag($1,850)


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Staud Kenny Bag($275)


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The Volon Po Box Bag($930)


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Staud Rey Bag($325)


9 / 9

Saint Laurent Manhattan Tote($1,650)